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Think! who’s back in Canada?

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A fresh and forward thinking brand has just landed in the North American market. Although Think’s core markets are in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, the innovative and intuitive design is sure to translate successfully through shared values of quality and craftsmanship.  The ideal fit and incomparable comfort are guaranteed by…

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Behind the Scenes

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One of my favourite courses that I took during my two years at Sheridan, was fashion and product styling. You get to work with many different people in your trade, like photographers, hair and makeup artists and stylists. It’s about using everyones talent, to create something beautiful. So when I…

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Meet Megan: The Intern

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A dazzling new personality has swept through the offices of Myma footwear and it’s me, Megan!  I’m the new intern here. I’m currently completing a co-op opportunity through Sheridan’s Visual Merchandising program as a second year student.  I have a strong love for shoes, fashion and hilarious cat pictures. As…

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Megan and the Tradeshow

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I started my very first day as an intern by attending the OSTA (Ontario Shoe Travelers Association) Shoe Show at the Toronto Congress Centre. This show is only open to industry and is a great way for companies to promote new lines, network and generate orders. As someone who openly…

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