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Representing Canada, we understand that different parts of the country have a unique market and demand from customers. Myma has made sure to have their sales representative in each territory better understand the needs of each of their customers in making sure that the collection is well represented. You can be assured that we will always put you in touch with the right rep so that they can better relate to you and your store.

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With approximately 6,000 square feet offering office space, showroom and efficient warehousing, everything is centrally located and controlled under 1 roof.

Address: 6515 Gottardo Court, Mississauga, Ontario L5T2A2

Phone: (800) 647-MYMA (6962)
Fax: 1.866.889.6962
Email: yaseen@mymafootwear.com

Sales – Western Canada

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Tonya Verett

She has her roots in the shoe business in British Columbia. She has helped to grow a thriving business with her parents at Turner Shoes for the past 17 years. Her strengths are around building customer relationships and having an expert knowledge of the shoe lines she represents.

Phone: (604) 818-3821
Email: tonya@mymafootwear.com

Sales – Ontario

All of Ontario

Denise and Louis Martin

They have held positions in the buying and selling sides of the wholesale trade and combined have over 75 years of business expertise at all levels of manufacturing, sales and marketing. Their underlying motto is “if our customer is not successful, we are not successful”.

Phone: (416) 236-5351
Email: dmartinagencies@gmail.com

Sales – Quebec

All of Quebec and Maritimes

Sylvie Lessard

With her hard work as her mentality and a dynamic personality, she sets her priority on being attentive to her customer’s needs, share her vision and built a long and successful relationship for the long run.

Their trust and satisfaction is her primary goal and at the forefront of all her business relations.

Her motto: Success is a team effort.

Phone: (514) 516-0787
Email: sylvielessard14@gmail.com