Our History and Value

The Myma Collection

Myma focuses and delivers on fine footwear from Europe. By doing this, we ensure that every shoe we deliver is backed behind the best looks, great quality and workmanship. Tagged with great delivery expectations, you don’t only get great customer service, but everything in the box too!

Peter Kaiser

Since 1838 Peter Kaiser has been perfecting an enigmatic balance of comfort, style and luxury. Hand crafted in Germany guarantees a classic but unique shoe based upon quality, design, trend and distinctiveness.


Proudly made in Spain, gadea combines tradition and innovation so you don’t have to choose between fashion and comfort. Their shoes are designed with an urban, active and spontaneous woman in mind.

France Mode

France Mode has its own unique taste and flare. Produced in the fashion capital of the world, their shoes combine style, history and expertise to provide a superior shoe.


Made in Spain has its benefits. It’s a commitment that makes sure the shoe industry is a way of life passed down through generations since 1978. Lodi combines quality and design to make their shoes stand out in a crowd.

JJ Heitor

Made in Portugal ensures that high fashion meets comfort. JJ Heitor expresses that the philosophy of a perfect shoe is one that fits like a glove and embodies the personality of its wearer.