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One of my favourite courses that I took during my two years at Sheridan, was fashion and product styling. You get to work with many different people in your trade, like photographers, hair and makeup artists and stylists. It’s about using everyones talent, to create something beautiful.

So when I was asked to produce a small photoshoot using Myma’s products, I was so excited! I set a time and date and was all ready to shoot my Spring 17 picks! Products, rather then people, can be extraordinarily frustrating. If you ask a model to move their right hand down slightly, they can easily to fix the shot. Products can be a bit more difficult, as they don’t take verbal direction that well.

Overall, through all the frustrations, I think the shoot turned out really well! To see some of the photos, take a peak at my Spring 2017 picks- or the Peter Kaiser instagram- @peterkaiser_canada

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