Lodi, Passion for shoes since 1978

Authenticity, quality, eye for detail, 100% made in spain... There are several reasons that have helped lodi become the brand that it is today. The most important one, however, lies in women choosing our brand for their daily lives.

3 Steps to understand what is behind Lodi shoes


Every season, in the same facilities where our shoes are manufactured, our design team creates collections combining market trends with the needs of actual women.

Material Selection

The secret to offering the best finishes is to only use top-quality raw materials. Our team is responsible for choosing them personally.


During manufacturing, each shoe can pass through the hands of up to 80 different people. In this process, handwork and craftsmanship coexist with the mechanization of the simplest tasks.

100% made in Spain

We are so proud that all LODI collections are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain and we stamp it in the sole of every pair of shoes.


Talking about footwear in Spain takes us straight to Elda. In this city, the knowledge and love for shoes has passed from one generation to the next. LODI was created—and still manufactures shoes—here.

Innovation Serving Comfort


We design footwear for women who want to choose a pair of shoes without sacrificing their well-being. LODI offers a real balance between fashion and comfort for hours.


LODI is constantly developing and introducing new and better technologies into its footwear. These innovations allow us to go one step ahead regarding comfort and improve women’s lives.

  • NEW GEL: insole that absorbs impacts during walking and helps to reduce foot pressure day by day.
  • NEW LIGHT: material that makes the outer sole lighter and stronger, as well as more adaptable and comfortable soles.
  • NEW STEP: rubber sole that increases the comfort, flexibility and stability of the shoes without sacrificing style and elegance.

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